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We offer solutions for optimisation of import and export processes and for establishing businesses in European Union territory; also accounting and legal services when those businesses are operating.


Westved is a constantly evolving team of professionals that offers foreign companies atypical solutions for optimising foreign economic activities (import and export processes), and also helps foreign companies to establish their business in the European Union and provides accounting and legal services. Our clients are foreign companies that are successfully conducting their foreign economic activities, but at the same time seek to increase the efficiency of UEV processes, reduce transport costs, and the burden of customs and tax. The central office of Westved is in Vilnius, Lithuania. In 2015, a Westved representative office was opened in Moscow.

Services for foreign companies
  • Assistance for foreign firms starting businesses in the European Union
  • Organisational, accounting and legal services when operating a business.
  • Consultation on foreign economic operations and tax issues
Optimisation of foreign economic activity

In import-export activities, as in any other field, many opportunities can be found for business process optimisation and cost reduction.

Accounting services

Westved will provide you with a full range of services, including full accounting, payroll calculation and tax and accounting advice.

Legal services

Starting and running a business is directly related to the day-to-day handling of legal issues. You don’t have to be a lawyer to make the right decisions: entrust it to us.



Services for foreign companies

Sometimes, for more efficient operations abroad, a company can open a company, branch or representative office in another country. This may be desirable, for example, if the market in the home country is underdeveloped – or, conversely, if it is saturated – in order to optimise its foreign economic activities such as import and export processes, or to obtain work permits, work visas and residence permits for foreigners.

Optimisation of foreign economic activity

In import-export activities, as in any other, many opportunities for business process optimisation and cost reduction can be found. With extensive experience in optimisation of both import and export activity, Westved employees have a wealth of practical skills and are able to offer a wide range of options to increase efficiency.

How we are working?


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Exlusive solutions

Foreign trade intermediary

The main goal of business intermediaries is to optimise the turnover process.

Benefits of using an intermediary in the procurement process:

  • decisions related to cargo transportation are made by you, you are independent of the supplier’s capabilities;
  • only one goods declaration for all goods from different manufacturers;
  • only one EX1 (export declaration) for all goods of different manufacturers;
  • assembly of goods from individual components into one common heading;
  • possibility of consignment trading;
  • savings in logistics costs;
  • bank reliability, low currency transfers and loan interest rates.

Benefits of using an intermediary in the export process:

  • distribution of goods closer to your buyer;
  • ability to fulfil large customer orders;
  • savings in logistics costs;
  • an attractive local structure for your buyers.

Company VAT representation service (fiscal agent)

This service is intended for companies operating in the European Union (for example, buying goods and reselling them in the EU) without setting up a business in the EU. Such companies have the right to continue their activity in the EU by applying for VAT registration.

 So, how useful is VAT registration?

 After registering as a VAT payer, a foreign company is given the opportunity to carry out its activities in the territory of the EU without establishing a company in the European Union.


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Optimised import contracts annually

100 – 200

optimised export contracts annually

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is the value of the import and export contracts that we look after


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